General Notice of End of Product Life RightWON® Satellite

October 12, 2023

Dear Valued Customers,

The purpose of this notice is to inform you of the planned end-of-life of our RightWON Satellite products. This notice does not affect the RightWON Plus platform. We are sending you this notice as you are on our list of customers using the RightWON Satellite platform. We made this decision following consultations and considerations of a technological, production and financial nature. We have therefore concluded that this subrange line of products no longer meets our criteria to remain in our catalogue. Below you will find the relevant information regarding the execution of this notice.

  1. A summary table of key dates
  2. A list of affected products

Please know that we did not take this decision lightly and are determined to work hand in hand with our customers and partners to minimize the impacts on their operations.

Rest assured that all products already with our customers and/or in use can continue to be used as planned.

Should you have any questions or wishes to discuss this notice, we invite you to contact us directly here. The RightWON Plus hardware could potentially fit your project’s requirements as an alternative solution, please enquire.

1) Important dates for the end-of-life of the RightWON Satellite products:





End of life announcement

Date of general end-of-life announcement and end of sale of the RightWON Satellite products.

October 12th, 2023

Date of last accepted order

Final date for new orders. The product(s) will not be sold after this date.

January 15th, 2024

Date of last delivery

Final (maximum) delivery date on which the product can be shipped.

May 31st, 2024

Delivery end date of spare parts

Final (maximum) delivery date on which the spare parts can be shipped.

December 31st, 2025

End of support date of the warranty

The warranty will be honored according to the period prescribed in the orders accepted.

As per the contract

End of support date software

After this date, no new software and firmware will be available for this product.

December 31st, 2025

2) List of products and parts affected by this end-of-life announcement:


Part number

RightWON Satellite CPU


RightWON Satellite MCU, ESM‐4


Front Plug-In, Single RS232/422/485 Serial Port with DB9 Connector


Front Plug-In, Triple Isolated RS485 Ports on individual screw connectors


Front Plug-In, Single Port, Isolated 100BASE-T Ethernet with RJ45 Connector


Front Plug-In, Single Port, 100BASE-FX Ethernet on Multimode Fiber Optic with ST Connector


Front Plug-In, Single Port, 100BASE-LX10 Ethernet on Single mode Fiber Optic with LC Connector


Top Plug-In, Combo: Isolated 100BASE-T Ethernet Port, RJ45 Connector, 2 kV Isolated Serial Ports: 1xRS232 + 1xRS485, RS422 w/Screw Connectors, 1x Digital Output


Front Plug-In, PSTN Modem, 2 kV Isolated, Surge protected


Front Plug-In, GSM Quad Band/3G/HSDPA Modem, North American networks


Front Plug-In, GSM Quad Band/3G/HSDPA Modem, European networks


Front Plug-In, Type E/S, 16 DI / 8 DO‐R / 0 AI / 0 AO


Front Plug-In, Type E/S, 14 DI / 6 DO‐R / 2 AI / 0 AO


Front Plug-In, Type E/S, 12 DI / 4 DO‐R / 4 AI / 0 AO


Front Plug-In, Type E/S, 8 DI / 4 DO‐R / 0 AI / 0 AO


Front Plug-In, Type E/S, 6 DI / 2 DO‐R / 2 AI / 0 AO


RightWON Satellite CPU, Battery


RightWON Satellite, Multi-Purpose Mounting Bracket


RightWON Satellite, Demonstration case 


RightWON Satellite CPU, Conformal‐Coating


RightWON Satellite CPU, Backup without battery


19’’ Rack Mount with DIN Rail for RightWON Satellite units


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