A brief history of our success

Every company has a story: one that’s filled with ups and downs, with triumphs and milestones. This is Vizimax’s story, which began more than 30 years ago. Since we first opened our doors, we have expanded into diverse markets around the world, joined international industry committees, produced patented technologies, and set the global standard for smart switching technology. This is how it all came to be.

The road to our success


SynchroTeq: the solution that revolutionized smart switching

Around the world, our patented SynchroTeq solution is the industry-leading inrush current limiter for medium and high voltage grids. Using smart technology, SynchroTeq automates the switching process to mitigate harmful transients at the optimal moment, increasing the stability of electrical grids and reducing wear-and-tear for critical assets. Thanks to its manufacturer-agnostic design, this modular technology can be used to enhance newly acquired systems as well as legacy equipment, allowing energy players to maximize uptime while diminishing their maintenance costs.

Patents and year obtained

VIZIMAX® SynchroTeq® products are covered by the following patents:

Patent No. US 9,870,879
Patent No. US 10,096,993
Patent No. US 10,230,234
Patent No. CA 2,905,361
Patent No. CA 2,922,990
Patent No. CA 2,295,702
Patent No. CN 105637605
Patent No. CN 106415773
Patent No. CN 106605344

Meet the experts

Strong leadership makes for excellent solutions, and Vizimax has an abundance of both. Meet the experts behind our world-renowned products, and the advisors who help guide us in the right direction every single day.

Executive Team

Jean-Guy Lacombe

President & CEO

Laurent Poutrain

Executive VP, Business development
Eric Bolduc, CPA, CA

Executive VP & CFO

Diane Doucet


André Desrochers

VP – R&D

Jean Villers

VP – Manufacturing

Nicolas Major-Lacombe

VP – SAles and Marketing

Board of Directors

Jean-Guy Lacombe

Salil Munjal
General Partner, Yaletown Venture
Tony Van Bommel
Senior Managing Partner, BDC Capital

Gary Clifford

Isabelle Mayrand
Legal Counsel, Createch
Daniel Péloquin
Former President, Schneider Electric Canada

News and events

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