Limiting inrush current in heavy industries

Optimizing power factor correction, maximizing uptime and asset longevity

Heavy industries like oil, gas, and metallurgy have significant operational energy requirements. Circuit breakers are constantly opening and closing, leaving room for switching transients like inrush currents and voltage disturbances.

These harmful transients can damage equipment prematurely, therefore increasing maintenance costs and downtime. Solutions like smart switching and monitoring can provide critical asset protection and optimize your electrical infrastructure’s capacity.

  • Our smart switching solutions are trusted worldwide across 6 continents
  • Our products are widely recognized as the industry standard
  • Local experts can offer responsive on-the-ground support to minimize downtime
  • Our team has 40+ years of experience across industries
  • Each product meets the highest quality standards for grid code compliance and more

Versatile and reliable: why Vizimax is a world leader

Reliable systems

Each one of our products is field-tested, dependable, and tailored to your industry’s unique needs. Backed by extensive research and development, we are proud to offer patented solutions you can rely on.

Our technology is designed for quick installation: start minimizing downtime and increasing system reliability as seamlessly as possible.

Cost-effective modernization

Are you looking to modernize your facilities? Vizimax products are designed to update existing equipment, production lines, and facilities without straining your budget.

Our manufacturer-agnostic solutions allow for seamless transformer switching modernization without impacting the power distribution system.

Optimal switching control

Limiting inrush currents starts with effective circuit breaker monitoring and control.

Mitigating these currents to acceptable levels increases the lifespan of critical assets, reduces maintenance requirements, and prevents system failures before they happen. Less equipment downtime also means more revenue.

Real-time data analysis

Go from reactive to proactive. Our technology allows you to anticipate events while leveraging historical data to streamline operations and maintenance costs for critical assets.

Monitor your systems in real time, whether on-site or remotely, and collect ultra-accurate data that helps visualize critical assets.

Putting safety first

In industrial settings, unmitigated inrush currents can cause harm to employees. Our experts can show you how to energize a power transformer and reduce arc flash incident energy, creating a safer work environment for both your staff and equipment.

Endless adaptability

Whether your systems are medium or high voltage, Vizimax products can get the job done. Our world-renowned technology is adapted to a wide range of applications to meet your current needs while growing with your business.

Flexible solutions adapted to a wide range of industries

A smart switching product for every need

At Vizimax, our commitment to our clients is simple: we deliver the right solution every time, and if it bears our name, it will be effective and reliable. Our team is here to help build out a tailored solution that is easy to install and designed to modernize your facility without impacting productivity.

Every day, Vizimax products help power our world. See them in action.

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