A testament to our expertise: the IEC 61850 Protocol

About the protocol

IEC 61850 is an international standard that unifies communication protocols between different systems within a substation, such as protection, control, and measurement equipment. Specifically, it enables devices to quickly exchange data and status using GOOSE and SV via LAN without requiring separate links for each relay. IEC 61850 has become a globally adopted standard that spans a wide range of energy industries, facilitating proper infrastructure communications and interoperability.

Beyond the communication aspect, it also standardizes the modeling of the different functions to create a unified view of the whole substation.

Shaping tomorrow’s standards and solutions

The IEC 61850 Standard is constantly evolving to meet new requirements and to enhance the solid basis it is right now. Experts from Vizimax are members of the different technical committees that is shaping the future of the energy industry and its innovative landscape such as:
  • TC57 WG10: Working group defining the IEC 61850 Standard series
  • TC57 WG15: Working group defining the IEC 62351 Standard series (Security within the substation)
  • TC38 WG37: Working group defining merging unit standards (IEC 61869-x)

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