Power grid stability for transmission & distribution networks

Electric power distribution you can depend on

When it comes to power transmission and distribution, grid stability is non-negotiable. Providers need rugged equipment that has been field-tested and proven in order to deliver top-quality service. Whether your clients are individuals, businesses, or industrial partners, technical challenges like high power demand can place significant strain on distribution networks.

Vizimax can provide smart switching solutions that stand the test of time, helping you maintain a reliable grid connection and regulate voltage as required.

  • We are a trusted partner in more than 40 countries across 6 continents
  • Our versatile products are the industry standard for smart switching and grid energization (power transformer energization, Volt/VAR compensation, compensated transmission line and more)
  • Our on-the-ground partners can offer local support to minimize grid downtime
  • Our team has 40+ years of experience across industries
  • Each product meets the highest quality standards for grid code compliance and more

Delivering complete peace of mind

Cost-effective modernization

Instead of investing in a brand-new infrastructure, Vizimax can outfit your legacy plant with smart components and technology. Our manufacturer-agnostic solutions are designed to leverage existing transmission and distribution equipment, facilitating seamless system interoperability.

Unwavering reliability

Our team has invested significant research and development in the power distribution space in order to best serve partners like you. Our rugged, field-tested products – such as our flagship SynchroTeq series – can not only accommodate significant energy demands, but also be installed quickly to minimize downtime.

Grid longevity

Our automation control solutions allow for in-depth monitoring and self-diagnosis, so you can predict system issues before they happen. This type of preventive maintenance helps maximize your equipment’s lifespan and optimize grid performance for increased revenue.

Real-time information

If you are looking to maximize your grid’s efficiency, you will need data that can be translated into action. Vizimax systems provide real-time, ultra-accurate insights that can be accessed through advanced communication protocols, so you can make quick and well-informed decisions about your critical assets.

Rapid response times

Our cutting-edge solutions help transmission and distribution operators analyze and respond to critical events, from outages and overcurrent to harmful voltage loss. Rapidly mitigating these issues will improve customer satisfaction, minimize downtime, and improve the overall quality of the power you deliver.

Versatile solutions

Whether you operate a high or medium voltage network, Vizimax has a solution for you. Our products have been extensively tested in both environments and are used by major energy players around the world.

Flexible solutions adapted to a wide range of industries

A smart switching product for every need

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel: Vizimax solutions are designed to modernize legacy systems without impacting grid productivity. Our quick-to-install products have a sterling track record for reliability, and our in-house experts would be delighted to help you find the ideal smart switching solution for your needs.

Every day, Vizimax products help power our world. See them in action.

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